Sitlo 1G HHC Disposable


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Sitlo 1G HHC Disposable - Granddaddy Purple Granddaddy Purple Out of Stock $16.49
Sitlo 1G HHC Disposable - Zkittlez Zkittlez Out of Stock $16.49
Sitlo 1G HHC Disposable - Strawberry Cough Strawberry Cough Out of Stock $16.49
Sitlo 1G HHC Disposable - Skywalker Skywalker Out of Stock $16.49
Sitlo 1G HHC Disposable - Sour Diesel Sour Diesel Out of Stock $16.49
Sitlo 1G HHC Disposable - Wedding Cake Wedding Cake Out of Stock $16.49
Sitlo 1G HHC Disposable - Runtz Runtz Out of Stock $16.49
Sitlo 1G HHC Disposable - Blue Dream Blue Dream Out of Stock $16.49
Sitlo 1G HHC Disposable - Berry Kush Berry Kush Out of Stock $16.49
Sitlo 1G HHC Disposable - Girl Scout Cookies Girl Scout Cookies Out of Stock $16.49
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Sitlo 1G HHC Disposable contains a gram of premium HHC distillate with added natural hemp derived terpenes to create a scintillating flavor experience. Sitlo 1G HHC Disposable ensures less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC and are available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Strains. Buy Sitlo 1G HHC Disposable at the best available prices and also avail seasonal discounts, offers and giveaways when you sign up on Buy Delta website. We carry a premium and wide range of Delta 8, CBD, HHC, THC-O, THC-V and other premium bestselling cannabinoid products.

Sitlo 1G HHC Disposable vape device is available in the following flavors –

  • Granddaddy Purple – This is a sweet smelling earthy tasting strain with elements of citrus, grapes and other sweet fruits.
  • Zkittlez – This is a pretty strong combination of berry, lemon and grape. The flavor becomes richer as you take a deep breath and leave a refreshing aftertaste.
  • Strawberry Cough – This flavor is as herbal and spicy as it can be with a sweet and sugary strawberry note that lingers in your mouth for quite some time.
  • Skywalker – On the inhale its earthy and sweet, on the exhale it is more pungent reminiscent of Sour Diesel and chemdawg profiles.
  • Sour Diesel – This is a mix of earthy and citrusy tart flavors although its trademark pungent and skunky spicy aroma overwhelms all other flavors in a complimentary way.
  • Wedding Cake – Despite its name, this strain has a citrusy flavor profile with hints of skunk and sour diesel on inhale and sweet berries on the exhale.
  • Runtz – Sugary hints with notes of hand picked berries replicating the flavor of the perfect rock candy.
  • Blue Dream – Sharp, earthy and woody aroma with notes of citrus, grapes and floral essence makes this the perfect flavor for connoisseurs.
  • Berry Kush – Probably the best selling flavor, Berry Kush has a delectable blueberry and earthy haze flavor profile. It is the perfect cross between blueberry and OG Kush.
  • Girl Scout Cookie – This flavor is named after the “Thin Mint” Girl Scout Cookies and offers the taste of a minty chocolaty with an OG Kush dominant terpene profile.

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Weight 2.1 oz
Dimensions 1.1 × 1.8 × 5.1 in

Granddaddy Purple, Zkittlez, Strawberry Cough, Skywalker, Sour Diesel, Wedding Cake, Runtz, Blue Dream, Berry Kush, Girl Scout Cookies