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As opposed to smoking, there are several conveniences to vaping. Unlike the latter, vaping is not an isolated experience. To put it clearly, you can personalize your vaping experience, which is what makes it so special.

It's mostly because there are several types of vaping devices that may be used with various vape accessories. Aside from this, the ability to experiment with numerous tastes is a favorite feature. Because of these components, you may tailor it to whatever your own vaping tastes are. This is a novel notion for smokers who have turned to vaping. Vaporizer Accessories include Battery Chargers, Storage Containers, Carrying Cases, and Mouthpieces.

Some of the best-selling products are PuffCo Proxy Travel Pack. The Puffco Proxy Travel Pack is designed to work with the Puffco Proxy Vaporizer, protecting it from all sides. Everything you need is included in the travel pack, which includes a Silicone Backpack, a Proxy Ball Cap, a 3D Chamber Jacket, and a Tether and Mouthpiece.

The silicone backpack protects your Puffco Proxy Glass from drops and falls while providing support and a soft sensation on the palms. The Proxy Ball Cap allows the user to precisely move their concentrates around inside the chamber for more consistent hits and to get the most out of their wax/oil. The 3D Chamber Jacket is designed to support and preserve your Proxy 3D Chamber atomizer. The Tether secures the atomizer cover to the atomizer, while the mouthpiece covers the Proxy's tip.