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When it comes to vaping, the most general word is “vape pens,” which most frequently refers to a prefilled THC cartridge and vape pen battery. Most vape pens featured a 510-thread cartridge connector, often known as a universal connection point. This allows customers to easily switch between vape pen batteries and cartridges. The 510 designation refers to the connection point used to connect the cartridge and battery, which is 10 threads and 5mm apart. Another way to smoke your favorite hemp flower is Hand Pipes. 

Typically, prefilled THC cartridges are purchased from a dispensary and replaced once they are empty. The vape pen battery is frequently a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that may be reused when using prefilled carts. One of the best Dab vapes that we stock is Lookah Q7 Mini Kit. The Lookah Q7 Mini is a smaller, sleeker, and more user-friendly version of the previous Lookah E-nails. It contains a 950mAh battery that can last between 80 and 100 uses on a single charge. 

For a greater flavor profile, it employs the 710-thread quartz atomizer range. There are four different coil types to choose from, allowing you to customize your heat and flavor profile. The Q7 is small, like its predecessor, and will accommodate most 14mm to 18mm pipes. A silicon sleeve for the downstream enables the use of smaller joint pipes, which can be removed when utilizing bigger dab rigs from E-nail. With a double press of the power button, the Q7 mini's voltage settings may be modified.