Pinwheel is a popular THC product manufacturer that aims to improve its customers’ experience with finest products. Despite a rising demand for various types of THC products, Pinweel adheres to focus only on Disposable and Cartridges. Their products come in various flavors paired with different THC derivatives. Pinwheel has divided its flavors in three categories such as Heady & Heavy, Light & Lit, and Mild & Mellow.

If you are new to the world of hemp derived products and want to shop Pinweel items at the best price, then do visit Here are some of its top-selling flavors that you should add to your cart:

Mimosa- Light & Lit: This is an ideal formulation of Delta-11, THC-P, and HHC extracts mixed with fresh oranges and champagne. The Mimosa offers a refreshing sensation on your taste buds and a satisfactory hemp experience.

Zkittles- Light & Lit: It is a proprietary blend of tropical fruit candies mixed with Delta-8, HHC, and HHC-O. The Zkittles brings a massive hemp experience and is an ideal treat to your taste buds.

Strawberry Shortcake- Lit & Lit: It is a delicious blend of sweet biscuits and ripe strawberries that are formulated with Delta-8, THC-O, and THC-P. If you are looking to delight your taste buds with a mild hemp experience, then Strawberry Shortcake is an ideal option for you.

Lemon Meringue- Mild & Mellow: The sweet & sour notes of baked lemon meringue pie delivers a mouth-watering sensation in your mouth. The Lemon Meringue carries Delta-8, HHC, and HHC-O compounds and offers a satisfying  hemp experience.

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