THC-B, like Delta 8 THC edibles, is a newly discovered cannabinoid produced from hemp. While there is little known about this cannabinoid, it is thought to produce psychotropic and pleasurable effects. 

Users have compared the potency of this cannabinoid to that of the well-known THC-P. It can, however, produce a distinct feeling and relaxation that is far more strong than conventional (delta 9) THC. This delta 9 homolog molecule interacts with our brain’s CB1 and CB2 receptors, binding to them with high affinity. This indicates that this molecule can be as potent as HHC or HHC-P with just a few tokes or puffs.

One of our best-selling products is URB Liquid Badder Delta 8 THC-A THC-B THC-P 3G Disposable. Urb THCa Liquid Badder Disposable 3g is yet another one-of-a-kind and unusual product from the Lifted Made crew! This 3g disposable is a follow-up to their popular Saucy Diamonds disposable, which employs the same principle but a different sort of concentrate.

THC enthusiasts appreciate Liquid Badder as a strong and highly sought-after concentrate. This concentration is well-known for its strength and golden cake batter appearance! Urb’s liquid bladder is made from a high-potency combination based on THCa.

For flavor improvement, each 3g disposable contains Delta 8 THC, THCa, THCP, THCB, and live resin terpenes. This combination was created to provide consumers with a powerful, euphoric high with exquisite flavor in every shot!

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