Delta-9 THC Cartridges is a potent cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. It is also the most prevalent psychotropic component in cannabis. And because Delta-9 THC is abundant in cannabis, it is much easier (and cheaper) to extract from the plant to manufacture Delta-9 thc vape carts for the ultimate high times.

Delta-9 THC Vapes are most known for their capacity to get people high in an instant. Regular THC Vape users like the high produced by Delta-9 THC Vape carts. One of the most popular Delta-9 cartridges is the Delta Extrax HXY9-THC THC-M HXY-8 Live Resin 2G Splats Cartridge. 

Delta Extrax HXY9-THC + THCM + HXY8-THC Live Resin 2G cartridge ensures a robust hemp high owing to its prefilled potent combination of freshly hydro-carbonated Live Resin coupled with unique HXY9-THC, THCM, and HXY8-THC. It is compatible with all 510 battery devices and features the best coil made up of superior heating elements, allowing you to enjoy dense cloud vaporization as well as a powerful flavor punch. Furthermore, it is available in a variety of strain characteristics, allowing you to make the best pick for your hemp needs.

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