Delta 11 THC is a very tiny, naturally occurring cannabinoid in the hemp plant, compared to a synthetic one. Delta 11 THC disposables, like all cannabinoids, may be created by isomerization since their chemical composition matches that of all other cannabinoids in hemp, including cannabidiol (CBD). This is due to the fact that every cannabinoid is formed from cannabigerol (CBG), the “mother cannabinoid” that eventually breaks off into 100+ distinct cannabinoids as the hemp plant grows. One of our best-selling products is Cali Extrax Reserve THC-X THC-P Hydroxy-11 Delta 8 THC Cartridge 2G.

 The Cali Extrax Reserve vape cartridge has a strong and distinct combination of THC-X, THC-P, HYX-11, and Delta-8 THC extracted from natural hemp. Each cartridge contains 2 grams of this potent cannabinoid counterweight, which perfectly satisfies your hemp cravings. Furthermore, it is compatible with all 510-thread battery devices and is available in three tantalizing tastes mixed with potent strains that provide a robust hemp experience in every puff.

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