THC-X is a concoction of three Delta 8 THC esters: acetoacetic, butyric, and isovaleric. THC-X is extremely rapid-acting and produces intense euphoria. Because THC-X is a faster-acting cannabinoid, any goods containing a cannabis mix that includes THC-X will pass through the body faster and affect you faster. Delta 8 THC edibles are also one of the best ways to try and experience what THC feels like. 

Their best-selling product is the Kalibloom KIK Live Resin Liquid Diamond THC-P HHC-P THC-JD THC-H THC-X Disposable 3.5G. 

The latest KIK Live Resin Liquid Diamond from Kalibloom. 3.5g Rechargeable Disposable contains the hemp plant’s most powerful cannabinoids. Grab your 3500mg full spectrum disposable, which contains THCP/HHCP/THCJD/THCH/THCX and is rechargeable through USB-C. This updated throwaway will absolutely blow your mind.

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